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Spring is the Time to Check Your AC for Maintenance or Upgrades

AC Checkup and Maintenance

Scheduling the annual tune-up of your cooling system each spring can be the key for keeping utility bills in check, preventing bigger (and more expensive) repairs down the road, and a way of ensuring that when summer turns up the heat, your air conditioner turns up the cool, indoor comfort.

Here’s why: when your AC system is running, air circulating through its components can deposit airborne particles like dust, mold spores and more on its interior surfaces. They accumulate over time, and if not addressed they can restrict airflow, reduce cooling ability and reduce the life of the system through corrosion and material breakdown.

Cleaning or replacing the system’s air filter is an excellent DIY project most homeowners can handle, and it definitely helps reduce the buildup of contaminants in your cooling system. However, qualified HVAC contractors have the equipment and expertise to dig a little deeper. They can clean and tune-up interior components, evaluate system operation to be sure it is cooling effectively, and even make minor repairs that might prevent bigger ones in the future.

Contact us to make an appointment to do a check up on your AC unit.

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