Why Your Cold Water Isn’t Running

At A/C King Inc, we understand the inconvenience of cold water not operating as it should be and can help you troubleshoot the issue. Plumbing Problems One common reason for a lack of cold water is a plumbing issue within your home. Check other faucets and fixtures to see if they’re experiencing the same problem. […]

Why AC Maintenance is Worth It

Investing in regular AC maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the benefits can more than cover the costs in the long-term. At A/C King Inc, we believe in the importance of proactive maintenance to keep your cooling system constantly running efficiently. Improved Energy Efficiency An accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris can naturally […]

The Connection Between Indoor Air Quality and Home AC Units

Indoor Air Quality and Home AC Units

Your indoor air quality is a major component of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. Your home’s air conditioning (AC) unit plays a significant role in determining IAQ. At A/C King Inc, we recognize the intrinsic link between indoor air quality and AC units.  Filtration Efficiency AC units are equipped with air filters that […]

Is it Bad to Set My AC Fan to Auto?

Setting your AC fan to an automatic setting versus leaving it on can impact your comfort, energy usage, and system efficiency. At A/C King Inc, we aim to help our customers make informed decisions about their HVAC settings. Reduce Energy Consumption When you set your AC fan to auto, the fan operates only when the […]

What to Do if Your Air Conditioner is Making a Buzzing Noise

An air conditioner making a buzzing noise can be a symptom of potential issues with the system. At A/C King Inc, we understand the importance of addressing such noises promptly to ensure your system is protected and maintained in as good a condition as possible. Identify Causes Several factors could be causing your air conditioner […]

Maintaining Your AC Drain Pan

The AC drain pan is a crucial component of your air conditioning system, yet it often flies under the radar. At A/C King Inc, we believe in educating our customers about every aspect of their HVAC system, which also includes the AC drain pan.  Where is it Located? The AC drain pan is located beneath […]

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

AC Checkup and Maintenance

In addition to traditional ducted air conditioning systems, AC King offers ductless AC repair, installation, and maintenance. There are certain advantages to ductless systems that homeowners or business owners should consider when deciding which system to install. 1) Ease of Installation Central AC systems may work well, but they’re also bulky and difficult to install, […]

Myths About Ductless Mini Split Systems Debunked

AC King Will Repair Your AC System

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are relatively new on the scene. As such, there are some myths circulating about these systems’ supposed downfalls that are ripe for debunking. At AC King, we offer ductless HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in Fontana, Riverside, San Bernardino, and throughout the Inland Empire. These systems may be just […]

Yearly HVAC Inspection Benefits

Investing in a yearly HVAC inspection pays off in the long run. A/C King Inc, your trusted family-owned HVAC company, offers comprehensive inspection, installation, and maintenance services. Regular check-ups identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs and ensuring your system operates efficiently. Residential and Light Commercial Benefits Our services encompass roof-top package units, heaters, and […]

Can My AC Unit Overheat?

Warmer conditions can put your AC unit to the test, and it’s natural to wonder, “Can my AC unit overheat?” At A/C King Inc, we have worked with many homeowners regarding this problem.  The Effects of High Temperatures While AC units are designed to handle high temperatures, they can overheat due to various issues. Dirty […]