Get your AC Serviced before Summer in the Desert and So. Cal.

AC Updates

It is recommended to have an HVAC professional take a look at your air conditioning system at least once a year. Your air conditioner will benefit from regular maintenance.  With the help of an AC tune-up, an HVAC technician can repair any internal components that may be getting worn down. This can prevent your system […]

Install New Central AC System in Your New Home

hvac ac

A central air system can be a great addition to your new home. The new central HVAC system will keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer months and you may even add value to your home. How much it costs to install central air is dependent on several factors, including the air conditioning type that you buy, its energy […]

Features of a Smart Thermostat for your HVAC

Smart Thermostat

Having a smart thermostat for your HVAC can help you control the temperatures in your home and save you money. Let us know and we can replace your current thermostat for your HVAC system. Using a thermostat app to control your home heating and air conditioning has options to save you money . If you’ve […]

Spring is the Time to check your AC for Maintenance or Upgrades

AC Checkup and Maintenance

Scheduling the annual tune-up of your cooling system each spring can be the key for keeping utility bills in check, preventing bigger (and more expensive) repairs down the road, and a way of ensuring that when summer turns up the heat, your air conditioner turns up the cool, indoor comfort. Here’s why: when your AC system is […]

Save Energy with a New Air Conditioning System Installation

Save Money New AC

To save money and energy you may need a new AC system and it might be time to switch to a programmable or smart thermostat that can be set to adjust the temperature in your home at certain hours of the day. Smart thermostats enable you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and many of […]

Time for an AC System Upgrade?

Your Home does not seem is it being Cooled If your home seems too warm with the AC on it could be one of the following. Your AC is dirty or poorly maintained HVAC system that needs more care and attention. If you haven’t kept up with the proper maintenance tasks, your HVAC system will […]

Get Maintenance on Your AC in the off Season in Palm Springs

Regular maintenance costs a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement. Think of all the money you would save as well as the inconvenience factor that comes along with a broken AC unit. One of the common AC mistakes people do is calling an AC professional only when the unit is already broken. In […]

Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance

Most indoor evaporator unit is fitted with removable filters that trapped dust to prevent dirt from clogging the coils of the evaporator. These filters are easily removed and wash with water and neutral soap to get rid of the dust. Rinse and dry before putting back to the unit.  Do not use gasoline or chemical to […]

Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

During the past 50+ years, millions of homes have utilized the round thermostat on the wall to control an HVAC system with a simple turn of the dial. These early thermostats operated with a coil spring and a small vile of mercury that created an electrical connection to power up a home’s heating or A/C […]

HVAC Maintenance is important for Efficiency

Regular AC and Furnace maintenance is critical for extending the life of your system. Plus having regular maintenance keeps your family comfortable, safe and healthy. Fewer System Breakdowns Homeowners often unexpected HVAC issues requiring emergency repair. Your HVAC breaking down in the middle of a hot Palm Springs summer is certainly one of them. With […]