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Can My AC Unit Overheat?

Warmer conditions can put your AC unit to the test, and it’s natural to wonder, “Can my AC unit overheat?” At A/C King Inc, we have worked with many homeowners regarding this problem. 

The Effects of High Temperatures

While AC units are designed to handle high temperatures, they can overheat due to various issues. Dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, or electrical problems can contribute to overheating.

Consistent Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to preventing AC unit overheating. Change or clean your air filter regularly, and schedule an annual check-up with our team. Our family-owned and operated AC repair services are dedicated to ensuring your cooling system runs efficiently, providing the comfort you deserve.

Overheating can lead to decreased efficiency and even system failure. In addition to changing filters, it’s crucial to check for any debris around the external unit, ensuring proper airflow. Our team specializes in diagnosing, tune-up, and resolving issues to keep your AC unit performing at its best.

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